Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Notes from Jan 13th PMAC

New Sheriff's Department deputy for Pacheco is officer Andy Vanzelf, paid for by the California Grand Casino.

CHP has six members in local office now. Reported low traffic causality rate for December. Most stops are for cell phones or seat belts.

Community Watch not very active in Pacheco because five local homeless people aren't much trouble. Has moved on to paying gigs in Martinez and Concord. NYT running story about CCC homeless programs.

Citizen asked about increased graffiti on sidewalks and church. Doug Stewart reported that he had one of the artists arrested.

Bette Wilgus reporting on Beautification Project that they have a new point person Susan Cohen for liaison. Susan sent Gary who said she'd be at future meetings. So far Pacheco LL-2 Zone 5 has spent a bit less than half a million since 2002, has 32K$ left over. So far has finished Pacheco median, installed benches and fence for park. Has a water meter, but no connection to Contra Costa Water District yet.

Doug complained about poor maintenance of park. County people said that they'll respond on the basis of community complaints. They suggest cleanup days to save funds in county maintenance for further improvements.

Will start working on Easter party. It will be the only free such event this side of the county.

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