Saturday, December 19, 2009

Xmas party at Pacheco Community Center

The Xmas party seems to have gone well, but there were a few things I'd like to fix up for the next time.

Having the kids decorate themselves was a good idea, but next time they need to be provided with mirrors. Either a large wall mirror or two to three hand mirrors so they can see what they're putting on their faces.

The signup would have gone smoother with two or three clipboards so the parents wouldn't have to bend over the table to sign their kids up for photos and an additional clipboard for reading the names off of would also be nice.

There simply weren't enough games and events. Guessing and counting games would be a nice touch as it would keep the parents involved with their kids.

The individual foil drink packs are terrible for the environment, but they do keep the hall a lot cleaner. The sugary snacks are also bad for the kids, but if they never eat healthy at home, what can we do?

And lastly bring back the seasonal background music, but play it softly so that everybody has to stay quiet in order to hear it.