Tuesday, October 20, 2009

September 2009 PMAC

Here are the minutes from last month's meeting.

Pacheco Municipal Advisory Council Public Meeting

September 09, 2009

1. Call To Order 6:34 pm
2. Attending: Olivier Fontana, Doug Stewart, Joanne Boyle, Kay Perry Thayer
3. Approval of Minutes – Approval of July Minutes tabled until next meeting
4. Public Comment/Announcements –

* Sheriff’s Department – Lt. Mahoney provided the latest crime statistics. Very light activity there was one auto burglary and 2 other burglaries during this period.

* Community Watch – Doug reported that there has been no recent activity in Pacheco. They are very busy starting in San Pablo

5. Discussion regarding website options – Henry Cobb presented a proposal to create a web site hosted by Google. Concerns were raised about the having sponsored advertizing outside the control of the P-MAC. Further discussion will be needed and input from County Staff before a determination of feasibility can be reached.

6. Report on Beautification Project – Vi Smith reported that there has been little information coming from Public Works on status of the various projects and funding. Request that DPW provide regular updates. We may need to have County Staff intervene.
7. Correspondence – Olivier Fontana reported on conditional use application for Simar Gill seeking approval for home internet business. The Board had no comment on the application.
8. Report from Pacheco Town Council- Doug Stewart reported that the community center will host a Spaghetti Dinner Sept. 20 from 5pm to 7pm
9. Adjournment: 7:16 pm

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